Alliance Committees and Committee Membership Opportunities


The Alliance currently has several active committees, including our EMS Committee, our Event Committee, the Alliance Member Annual Report Review Committee, and the Membership Committee.


Participation on an Alliance Committee is not limited to Alliance members (except for the Alliance Member Annual Report Review Committee). Please contact a committee Chair, the Alliance office, or an Alliance member if you have a special interest in any of our activities or committees and if you would like to consider participating. Contact our office at 480-422-7392.

Kale Walch
Committee Chair

Committee Members include: 
Michael Sundblom, Dr. Nick Hild, Rob Barnett, Scott Tallini, Jim Thrush

Alliance Event Committee

The Alliance Event Committee is Chaired by Kale Walch, and has responsibility, under the oversight of the Alliance Board, for proposing, planning, and managing various mentoring and educational activites throughout the year.

Hal Berkowitz
Committee Chair

Committee Members include:
Dr. Nick Hild, Kale Walch, Rob Barnett, Jim Thrush

Alliance Membership Committee

The Alliance Membership Committee is Chaired by Hal Berkowitz, and has responsibility for overseeing outreach to potential new Alliance members, including the review of Alliance presentation materials including our website, identifying potential new members, and working with potential new members through the membership application and review process.

The Membership Committee also works with current Members to continually assess and increase the value of Alliance Membership to each Member.

Matt Conway
Committee Chair

Committee Members include:
Len Drago, Rob Barnett

Alliance EMS Committee

The Alliance EMS Committee is Chaired by Matt Conway, and works to provide mentoring and assistance to organizations that are implementing either a formal or an informal Environmental Management System. Committee members share their experiences with EMS with other environmental professionals in a variety of ways, some of these have included: panel presentations at various environmental seminars or conferences, sharing of EMS experiences through occassional Alliance Environmental Technical Tours at member facilities, and with informal one-on-one mentoring in response to various requests.


Al Brown,
Committee Chair

Committee Members include:
Beverly Westgaard, Mitch Klein, Dr. Nick Hild, Kale Walch, Jim Thrush

Alliance Member Annual Report Review Committee

The Alliance Member Annual Report Review Committee is Chaired by Al Brown, and has responsiblity for reviewing and approving Member Annual Reports. Member Annual Reports consist of either a Presentation that addresses specific required performance criteria (contact the Alliance if you have specific questions regarding Annual Reports), or a Written Report, addressing these same performance criteria, or both if the Member prefers.

Alliance Member Annual reports are an important part of ensuring and recognizing continued member leadership performance standards.  Member Annual Reports also function to facilitate sharing of environmental leadership practices and experiences among the membership and with others wishing to review the reports.