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The Alliance hosts or sponsors various environmental mentoring and educational events throughout the year. View articles by clicking on the links below.

  • aq  2011 November 29th Business Leadership and Sustainability Legislative Forum
    The Above JPG is from the Journal of Env. Mgt Arizona Dec/Jan 2011/12
    2011 Alliance Business Leadership and Sustainability Legislative Forum

    The above article is from the Journal of Environmental Management Arizona Dec/Jan 2011/12 issue. A Higher Resolution Copy of this page can be downloaded here. Copies of this issue and other JEMA issues can also be found at

    2015 UPDATE - Legislative Forum was the Inspiration and Substance Leading to ADEQ's New Voluntary Environmental Stewardship Program

    Former Arizona State Representative Amanda Reeve, House Environment Committee Chair, frequently points to the discussions of the November 2011 Alliance “Business Leadership and Legislative Forum” as the inspiration for, and substance of, the legislation creating the Voluntary Environmental Stewardship Program.

    Alliance Business Leadership & Legislative Forums, and various other seminars, support the Alliance goal of fostering collaboration between regulators and industry, and demonstrating environmental leadership. Consider participating on the ground floor of environmental leadership in Arizona -- contact the Alliance for information on Membership!

  • aq  2010 "Green Arizona" Educational Youtube Video Competition
    Competition Winners: Left to right: Dominic Esposito, Elena Pierson, Austin Michaels, Devon Wilcox, Brian Cagle, Ian Dokie, Edwin Ramos, Danielle Wells. FRONT, Left to Right: Matt Wells and Jacob Wells.
    "Green Arizona" Educational Youtube Video Competition

    On Wednesday, May 12th, 2010, contest winners gathered with Alliance Members and other guests in Phoenix for a viewing of the finalist videos and the presentation of the awards. Please view the winning videos at the links shown at the bottom of this page.

    Contest Flyer -- A reduced-size JPG copy of the marketing flyer for the "Green Arizona" Competion is below. Contact the Alliance if you have questions or would like more information.


    NOTE: Many of the links below are no longer active, unfortunately YouTube Videos links are not permanent. The Alliance holds master copies of each winning video.

    First Prize: ($1000 shared by 6 students and Skyview school) Ian Dokie and The Green Team

    Second Prize: (Apple I-Pod Touch) Brian Cagle

    Honorable Mention ($50 Gift Card) Devon Wilcox

    Honorable Mention ($50 Gift Card) Elena Pierson

    Honorable Mention ($50 Gift Card) Elena Pierson


    First Prize: ($1000 Check) Dominic Esposito

    Second Prize: ($200) Edwin Ramos

    Honorable Mention ($50 Gift Card) Austin Michaels

    Honorable Mention ($50 Gift Card) Danielle Wells

    Many excellent videos were submitted for review, demonstrating both a concern for the environmental as well as talent and hard work! Thank you to all who entered.

    OUR THANKS TO International Paper Recycling Foundation! The "Green Arizona Youtube Educational Video Competition" was supported in part through a GRANT from International Pager. Thank you!


    Kim Furphy, center, accepts a $2500 Grant to help support the "Green Arizona Youtube Educational Video Competition" from Paige Brinkly, Account Manager, International Paper Recycling Foundation
  • aq  2010 Alliance Presentation to Senate Natural Resources, Infrastructure, and Public Debt Committee
    Alliance Presentation Before the
    Senate Natural Resources, Infrastructure, and Public Debt Committee
    You may link directly to this video source on the Arizona State Legislature website at
    The Arizona Environmental Strategic Alliance Presentation to the Arizona State Senate

    "Alliance Member Environmental Leadership / Programs and Practices"

    The Alliance extends our appreciation to Committee Chairman Nelson, and to Sen. Amanga Aguirre, for providing Alliance members this opportunity to present examples of our environmental programs and practices and demonstrating our members committment to environmental leadership.

    Refer to the Images Below to Locate a Speaker Start Time

    TIME: 00:00
    Committee Chair Nelson
    Sen. Amanda Aguirre

    TIME: 00:52
    Matt Conway, PING

    TIME: 06:45
    Tim Conway, City of Scottsdale

    TIME: 10:38
    Jason Bagley, INTEL

    TIME: 15:14
    Cameron Flower, KITCHELL

    TIME: 19:05
    Hal Berkowitz, ASU

    TIME: 21:17
    Sen. Amanda Aguirre

  • aq  2007 April 3 Performance Track Seminar With EPA Region 9 Administrator and ADEQ Director
    PLACEHOLDER -- article upload is in-process
    PLACEHOLDER - article upload is in-process


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