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  •   2020 Fall Environmental Compliance Assistance for Business & Industry WEBINAR

    Alliance Hosts First Webinar

    The Arizona Environmental Strategic Alliance hosted our first online Alliance Fall Webinar, a three-session series of presentations and panel discussions focusing on "Environmental Compliance Assistance for Business & Industry" on October 15th, October 29th, and November 10th.  The Alliance chose to use an online virtual format this year as a health precaution in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

    Sixty-two registered attendees representing at least 38 organizations, including small and larger businesses and organizations in at least four counties, participated in six presentations or panel discussions from both industry environmental experts and environmental regulatory agency representatives.

    These presentations included:  Panel Discussion: Arizona Environmental Agencies - Conducting Agency Business & Enforcement During the COVID-19 Pandemic (3 Agencies Represented - Misael Cabrera, Director, ADEQ; Philip McNeely, Director, MCAQD; and Michael Sundblom, Director, PCAQCD); Panel Discussion:  Industrial & Legal Reps - Operating Safely & Maintaining Compliance During the COVID-19 Pandemic - Experience and Practices (Represented by Anne Carlton, APS; Tyler Burrell, Arlington Valley Energy; and Mitch Klein, Snell & Wilmer); Waters of the US / Arizona Waters of the State (Natalie Chrisman Lazarr, Principal Engineer in Corporate Environmental, APS); Asbestos Safety and Awareness (Bill Cavness, The Asbestos Institute); Process Safety Practices and Chemical Accident Prevention (Greg Bazley, Emergency Planning and Preparedness, US EPA Region 9); and Panel Discussion: Energy Sustainability, Represented by Eric Massey (Manager, Environmental Support, APS); and Taimur Burki (Global Green Building Program Manager, INTEL).

    [Temporarily PowerPoints and materials are available for download for these presentations: Director Misael Cabrera, ADEQ; Bill Cavness, Asbestos Safety and Awareness; and Greg Bazley, US EPA Region 9. Click on the speaker name to download.]

    Michael Denby, APS (Alliance Chair), opened Session 1 with a welcome to attendees and comments about the webinar and the Alliance.  Kale Walch, Hexcel (Alliance Event Committee Chair), gave the closing remarks for Session 1.  Scott Tallini, MCAQCD (Alliance Advisory Councilor Chair), opened Session 2 and provided closing remarks for Session 2.  Kale Walch both opened and provided closing remarks for Session 3.

    This webinar and other Alliance environmental seminars and webinars continue our series of mentoring and educational environmental compliance seminars and webinars. This webinar, and our seminars, support several of the primary goals of the Alliance, including protecting Arizona's environment through mentoring and educating Arizona small businesses and providing regulatory compliance assistance. In addition, this webinar and our Alliance seminars support the Alliance goal of fostering working relationships and communication between environmental regulators and industry.

               The Alliance Event Committee thanks all the attendees and participants for helping make this Webinar a great success, and we appreciate the speakers, moderators, and other Alliance members for their help and contributions to this first Alliance Webinar!