Alliance 101:  Alliance Principles


By adopting these Principles, members publicly affirm their belief that organizations have a responsibility for the environment and must conduct all aspects of business in a manner that demonstrates commitment to environmental protection as well as a vibrant economy. 

These Principles comprise a code of conduct (or ethics) for Alliance members.

  • Management Commitment - Alliance members implement these Principles and make evident their commitment to environmental responsibility.  They demonstrate environmental leadership and implement management processes that ensure public accountability and are consistent with their own environmental policy. 
  • Protection of the Ecosphere - Alliance members continually strive to reduce and eliminate releases of substances that may cause environmental damage to the air, water, earth or its inhabitants.
  • Sustainable Use of Natural Resources - Alliance members promote the responsibility for resource stewardship and sustainability through planning and wise management by prudent use of natural resources, conserving nonrenewable natural resources, and promoting the development and use of renewable resources.
  • Environmental Restoration and Community Relations - Alliance members act promptly and responsibly to correct conditions that endanger health, safety, or the environment and to restore the environment where opportunities within their means exist.  They inform the community of conditions that may affect public health and welfare.  They strive to communicate effectively by providing both comprehensive and comprehensible information, and tailor their communications to ensure appropriateness for various audiences.  Alliance members seek advice and counsel through dialogue with community members and respond to community concerns about facility operations.

  • Energy Conservation - Alliance members conserve energy and improve the energy efficiency of their internal operations used in producing their goods/services.  Alliance members promote travel efficiency and strive to reduce transportation impacts to the ecosystem.

  • Risk Management and Reduction - Alliance members strive to reduce the environmental health and safety risks to employees and communities, and endorse environmentally-responsible management practices.  Members also inform customers about the environmental impacts and costs of consumer choices and provide information about practices that can result in an improved environment.
  • Environmental Education and Monitoring - Alliance members educate peers, customers, employees, and communities about the importance of maintaining regulatory compliance and integrating environmental performance into business management practices.  They seek opportunities to mentor other organizations and offer information about environmentally-responsible actions, lifestyle choices, behavior practices, and decision-making.
  • Pollution Prevention and Source Reduction - Alliance members regard pollution prevention as an important component of sustainable development.  They actively employ source reduction and recycling to minimize waste, while handling and disposing waste materials in a safe and responsible manner.
  • Environmental Performance and Integrity - Alliance members demonstrate their commitment to these Principles by maintaining compliance with all applicable environmental regulations.  They support and adopt environmental audit procedures and conduct annual self-evaluations of their progress in implementing these Principles.  They retain their membership status by conducting their business operations in a manner consistent with performance standards as established by these Principles.
  • Public Responsibility and Reporting - Alliance members believe that the public and other members deserve, and hold the right, to review performance of activities conducted by the Alliance as a whole, as well as those Alliance activities conducted by individual members.  Through disclosure of Alliance activity performance reports and open decision-making, the Alliance and its members are committed to promoting the highest standards of organizational integrity and public responsibility.